Our Model

RiceUp empowers our farmers through a system of training, financing, competition, and market access. Our system brings several different components into a sustainability model.


Our farm school program teaches farmers business and finance skills that boosts their capabilities. Farmers learn how to treat their farm as a business, budget, and set goals during this 12-week program. As part of the graduation requirement, farm school students must now prepare and present a business plan at a business competition RiceUp hosts at the graduation. A best communal garden competition may also be held around the graduation ceremony.

RiceUp Farm School Model


RiceUp Farmers partners with organizations such as Cropital and Bank of the Philippines Islands to provide micro-loans to our farmers. These loans have a low interest rate and give the farmers more capital to work with.

Farmers earn prize money through our business and garden competitions. This enables them to grow their own business endeavors and entrepreneural experience.

Market Access

RiceUp brings larger access to the market through both physical and online methods. We work with our RiceUp farmers and co-ops to supply food to businesses or sell in stores.

In partnership with the startup Transfarm, we have created an online RiceUp marketplace for farmers to sell their produce on. The system is currently in limited use in Luzon, Philippines, before being rolled out to a larger user base in the Philippines.

RiceUp App